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Parinirvana Day Festival 2017

Sun 19th Feb : 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Parinirvana Day

On Parinirvana Day, Sangha members commemorate the Buddha’s death. We also remember our family and friends who have died, and the inescapable truth of our own passing.


12 – 1: Shared vegan lunch – please bring food to share
1 – 2.30: Readings, personal reflections, meditation, mantra and offerings of photos and objects to the shrine
3 – 4.50: Talk followed by meditation on the five facts the Buddha recommended everyone should reflect on
5 – 6: Puja

An opportunity for reflection and contemplation

This Parinirvana day we will listen to passages from the Pali Canon, and Garavacitta will give a talk titled What kind of immortality do we want?, drawing on the five reminders to explore the Deathless and Deathfull. (Unfortunately Mahasraddha has had to cancel, and Garavacitta has kindly stepped in to lead the day with Satyamuni.) We’ll end the day with a Puja.

Please bring photos, objects or other reminders associated with impermanence and loss that are significant to you. There will be an opportunity for these to be ritually placed on the shrine. We hope these conditions are supportive for us both individually and collectively to take our practice more deeply, in light of the facts of old age, sickness and death that are a universal truth for us all.

The Five Facts everyone should often reflect upon

Whether one is a woman or a man, lay or monastic, there are five facts one
should often reflect on:

1. I am subject to ageing: I will grow old
2. I am subject to illness: I will get sick
3. I am subject to death, I will die
4. I must be parted from whatever I love and is dear to me
5. I am the owner of my actions (karma), heir to my actions, actions are the
womb from which I have sprung, actions are my companions, and actions are
my protection. Whatever I do, for good or for evil, of that I will be heir

Upajjhatthana Sutta in Anguttara Nikaya, V.57

Who is the event for?

It’s for Order members, Mitras and Centre regulars who have completed a Buddhism Level 2 course. Please get in touch if you’re not sure.

Health issues

If there are any health issues, physical, emotional or mental, that could affect your participation in a course or event, please contact the Buddhist Centre on 0161 834 9232, and ask to talk confidentially to one of our Order members, before deciding whether to attend.

Supporting the Buddhist Centre

Please help us keep as many events as we can for free, by donating towards the upkeep and running of the Centre


Sun 19th Feb
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Manchester Buddhist Centre
16-20 Turner Street
Manchester,M4 1DZUnited Kingdom
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