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These talks were given here in recent years and appear in either audio or video format. They are more or less in date order with the most recent first.

Insight and Perception

Mahabodhi explores the meaning of the Sanskrit term ‘samjna’, or ‘sanna’ in Pali, often translated as perception. November 2017

Sangha and Harmony

A talk given by Daniel Bradford on the Sangha Day Festival at Manchester Buddhist Centre, November 2017

A Body at Peace with Itself

Balajit shares his journey of discovery around what the body is and what it might mean for the body to be truly, profoundly and deeply at peace with itself. October 2017

The Curse of Narcissus – Getting over Yourself!

Arthapriya invites Western Triratna Buddhists to rise to the challenge of Dr Ambedkar’s vision by working collectively and seeing that our own well-being and freedom is interwoven with those around us. October 2017

The Reluctant Bodhisattva

In this inspiring talk, Nagapriya outlines his experience of working with others to establish the Centro Budista de Cuernavaca in Mexico. September 2017

The Power of Love

In a Triratna Night talk, Chandana uses personal reflections to explore the practical application of metta in our Buddhist practice. July 2017.

Strong for the Many

In a Dharma Day talk, Sanghadhara asks how developing our practice can help us benefit all beings, July 2017.

When Wisdom meets Compassion

In a talk for International Women’s Day, Satyamuni reflects on whether social and political action is enough to end suffering. March 2017

Triratna Sangha in India

Tarahridaya provides a personal take on the transformative nature of the work of the Dharma and Triratna Buddhist Order in India. September 2016

Triratna in India

Chandrabodhi gives a personal recollection of the growth and development of the Triratna Buddhist Order in India. September 2016

On Death and Bubbles

Sanghadhara reflects on death and how to engage with a sense of beauty. September 2016

Self Metta: An Exploration

Satyajyoti looks at how metta, or kindness, towards yourself is the cornerstone of contentment. September 2016

Taking a New Name into a New Life

Inspired by the Sangha-building of Hatthaka, Sanghadhara explores what it means to get a new name and how it expresses his aspiration. August 2016

Origins of our System of Practice

Mahabodhi explores the early history of Buddhism, and suggests that the origins of the Triratna system of practice lie there. July 2016

The Buried Life

Arthavadin challenges us in discussing self, other and the Third Order of Consciousness. May 2016

Entering the Forest

Arthavadin explores renunciation as a state of mind and not just a physical act. December 2015

Why we need the New Society

Sthirajyoti kicks off Buddhist Action Month with a talk looking at the ‘new society’ and why we need it. June 2015

The Great Turning: Talk 2

Continuing the theme of ‘turning towards’, Sona explores how we can do this collectively, as a Sangha. May 2015

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