Sangha Night: book launch with Kamalashila

Monday 7th May 2012
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Introducing the author of the well-known Buddhist Meditation, newly pub­lished in its third edition

Everyone wel­come tonight

Everyone is wel­come to hear Kamalashila speak about this clas­sic book.

Sangha night is usu­ally for people who have com­pleted a level 2 Buddhism course but this even­ing will be equally inter­est­ing to those who are newer to meditation.

What’s the book about?

First pub­lished in 1991, this com­pre­hens­ive and prac­tical guide provides a com­plete intro­duc­tion for begin­ners, as well as detailed advice for exper­i­enced med­it­at­ors seek­ing to deepen their practice.

Kamalashila explores the primary aims of Buddhist med­it­a­tion: enhanced aware­ness, true hap­pi­ness, and – ulti­mately – lib­er­at­ing insight into the nature of reality.

This third edi­tion includes new sec­tions on the import­ance of the ima­gin­a­tion, on Just Sitting, and on reflec­tion on the Buddha.

Buy the book

Copies will be avail­able on the night at a spe­cial price of £16.50. Cover price is £17.99

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Some of the talks given at pre­vi­ous sangha nights are avail­able to listen or down­load on the talks page

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Everyone — no exper­i­ence necessary
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Manchester Buddhist Centre
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