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When we med­it­ate we learn to be aware in the present moment and to develop pos­it­ive feel­ings. Over time, mind­ful­ness med­it­a­tion can bring about a gentle but rad­ical transformation

We have a num­ber of ways you can learn med­it­a­tion. The same medi­ation prac­tices are also taught in our intro­duct­ory Buddhism courses.

Introduction to med­it­a­tion — six week course

Introduction to med­it­a­tion — one day course

“Friendly, exper­i­enced, intel­li­gent facil­it­at­ors provide clear, inter­act­ive teach­ing inter­spersed with prac­tical instruc­tion of high qual­ity. Since start­ing my first course I have noticed def­in­ite pos­it­ive changes in sev­eral areas of my life
Course participant

Jayadevi - woman meditating

Ways to book

  • Book online with a credit or debit card
  • Phone 0161 834 9232 to pay with a card
  • Call in to the Centre and pay with cash, cheque or card
  • For fur­ther inform­a­tion see How to book

Course handouts

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A Taste of Meditation

A reg­u­lar one hour class for any­one who wants to try mind­ful­ness med­it­a­tion, or come to a led med­it­a­tion ses­sion from time to time

  • Next ses­sions:
    1.00pm-2.00pm Tuesday 9th February (Weekday lunch­time class)
    5.45pm-6.45pm Tuesday 9th February (Weekly even­ing class)
  • From 2016: £3 waged, £2 con­ces­sions if you can
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Course con­tent

Our courses cover the essen­tial aspects of Buddhist meditation

  • Posture — how to be com­fort­able but alert
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditating with the breath
  • Meditation to develop positivity
  • Working with dif­fi­culties in meditation
  • The con­nec­tion between body and mind
  • How med­it­a­tion can help in daily life


Our courses are taught by ordained mem­bers of the Triratna Buddhist Order and by those train­ing for ordin­a­tion. They are well-trained and exper­i­enced prac­ti­tion­ers, who teach in a friendly, informal way and com­mu­nic­ate from their own experience.

Breathworks courses use the prin­ciples of mind­ful­ness and med­it­a­tion to help people learn to live well with phys­ical pain, stress and other difficulties.

What to bring?

You don’t need to bring any­thing apart from your­self or wear any­thing spe­cial, but you might want some socks to keep your feet warm as we take our shoes off in the med­it­a­tion halls.

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